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The Wealth Manager Portfolio is a quantitative investment model that aids the management of large Fidelity mutual fund accounts using a balanced investment style.

When managing multi-million dollar portfolios, one of the most difficult challenges is finding the right mix of investments within a given asset class. This involves under-weighting exposure to investments with increased risk, and over-weighting promising areas to produce positive returns. 

The Wealth Manager Portfolio is designed to help investment advisers manage risks and opportunities when selecting the optimal asset allocation mix for their clients. Our model can also give unique insights into changing market conditions.


The Wealth Manager Portfolio provides the ultimate in diversification by investing in up to 27 Fidelity stock, bond and international funds, including all of the mutual funds available in our other six model portfolios.

Enjoy the convenience of tracking a highly diverse set of bond, stock, real estate and international investments in a single portfolio. Observe the impact of economic trends, political and international events. 

The buy signals issued by the model can alert you to unexpected opportunities to allow the timely adjustment of the asset allocation mix. Furthermore, our Profit GuardTM technology monitors market conditions daily and issues sell alerts when increased risk is detected for an investment fund.

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Investment Results

Investment style: Moderate Allocation

Performance chart:

Note: horizontal lines on the chart indicate periods, when the entire portfolio is temporarily held in cash reserve to protect against market volatility.

Annual returns:

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