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Diversify with Real Estate Investments
Developing, managing, buying and selling real estate properties have created legendary fortunes for hundreds of years. This long-term trend is likely to continue well into the future. Indeed, purchasing real estate is an appealing strategy for individual investors. However, buying the wrong piece of property at the wrong location or at the wrong time can prove to be disastrous.


We believe that investing in real estate mutual funds is the best alternative to the direct purchase of a potentially speculative property. Mutual funds provide diversification across residential and commercial holdings, geographical regions and property management approaches. They also provide access to top quality Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) managed by seasoned professionals with long-term track records. Even more importantly, mutual funds are liquid, so you can avoid being stuck with a non-performing property.  

Our Real Estate Portfolio allows you to invest in Fidelity's three domestic realty funds in a focused portfolio. The combination of growth and income provided by the mutual funds makes the strategy an attractive long-term choice.

Diversification across multiple real estate funds is an effective strategy, but cannot fully remove the inherent risks present in this sector. Real estate is known to experience boom and bust cycles that can last for extended periods. To avoid downtrends, use our sell signals to take profits when volatility is on the rise. Hold the proceeds from the sale of the mutual funds as a cash reserve or in a safe money market fund until fundamentals and market conditions improve. At that point, new buy signals will be issued to repurchase the investment funds.

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Note: horizontal lines on the chart indicate periods, when the entire portfolio is temporarily held in cash reserve to protect against market volatility.

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