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I Need Steady Gains, but Keep It Simple For Me
Are you eager to achieve your financial goals, but it seems that the uncertainty of the financial markets leaves you with no good choices? Our solution is to utilize the Conservative Growth Portfolio and to invest with focus and discipline.

The Conservative Growth Portfolio blends three time-tested approaches. The first strategy is investing in utility companies, an inherently defensive approach. The second is real estate, a proven choice of wealth builders for centuries. When executed smartly, real estate investments can provide both steady income and capital appreciation. Thirdly is investing in securities providing high yield.

The result of blending these proven strategies is a remarkably steady portfolio that is poised for robust growth in bull markets and resilient in times of financial crisis. To keep investing simple, investments are held in no more than three mutual funds.

The annual returns table on the right shows the steady performance of our three-pronged strategy in "the lost decade"the first ten years of the new millennium. In contrast, the stock market had a close to flat cumulative return in the same period, a highly disappointing outcome that was coupled with extreme volatility. 

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Investment style: Moderate Allocation

Performance chart:

Note: horizontal lines on the chart indicate periods, when the entire portfolio is temporarily held in cash reserve to protect against market volatility.

Annual returns:

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