Letter From the Editor

Dear Fellow Investor,

We created the FidelitySignal.com investment newsletter with the goal of providing an effective, yet simple-to-use website that makes it easier for investors and financial advisers to manage investments in Fidelity mutual funds.

Most of us check the weather report in the morning to be alerted to adverse weather conditions and plan our daily activities accordingly. FidelitySignal.com works similarly. We alert you when our quantitative models detect dangerous market conditions. We also alert you when new investment opportunities arise, so you can plan your investments accordingly.

Our subscribers often ask us how we choose the trading strategies. My answer is three-pronged. After years of evaluating and testing investment approaches we realized that there are simple strategies that have worked well for many decades and will likely do so in the future. These strategies include "smart" diversification, collecting high-yield income and investing in real estate. Our investing technology simply enhances these time-tested approaches for the Diversified, Conservative Growth, Armageddon and Real Estate Portfolios.

We also carefully evaluated investments for long-term demographic and economic trends that we believe will continue in the future. For example, these long-term trends include the move of the baby boomer generation into retirement and requiring more medical care. This trend presents investment opportunities in the related industries. Other trends with high-growth prospects are the continuous product innovation in the technology sector, the periodic bull markets in the natural resources sector and the dynamic, but uneven growth of emerging markets. The Aggressive Growth and the Megatrends Portfolios are positioned to take full advantage of these long-term trends.

Thirdly, our Wealth Manager Portfolio implements an all-in-one strategy, unique to any online investment newsletter for mutual funds. Imagine investing in up to 27 bond, stock and international funds. As the economy and the markets change, our investing technology allows the gradual increase or decrease of "at risk" investments to adapt to new market conditions. The result is a model portfolio with the ultimate combination of diversification and performance.

Another question we are frequently asked is how to make the best use of the model portfolios in practice. Many of our subscribers select one or more of our model portfolios and mirror the buy/sell signals in their brokerage accounts. You can also use the signals as input to your own decision-making. For example, one of our subscribers said: “… your alerts reminded me to trim my holdings in international stocks and believe me, doing so saved me a lot of money”.

We appreciate your interest in the FidelitySignal.com website. We offer features that you will not find elsewhere, including the largest selection of investment strategies, daily updates and our exclusive Profit GuardTM technology. All these features and more for a modest monthly subscription fee, that is probably much less than 0.1% of your assets at risk.

We are so confident that you will like our newsletter, model portfolios and signal alerts that we invite you to sign up for a free trial subscription. There is no obligation, no credit card information is needed and you can cancel at any time. You have nothing to loose, but a lot to gain if you can increase your investment gains and minimize losses. 

It takes only a few seconds to sign up, so do not let this opportunity pass by.

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Best wishes,

Gabe Varga, CMT

Editor, FidelitySignal.com


Gabe Varga, CMT

Editor, FidelitySignal.com

Gabe Varga is the founder and president of Axiomix, Inc., a research firm that provides trend analysis and algorithmic asset allocation models for mutual fund and ETF investors. 

Gabe also serves as editor of FidelitySignal.com, an independent investment newsletter that is published online by Axiomix since July 4, 2010.

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