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FidelitySignal is an investment newsletter that makes it easier to start and manage your portfolio of Fidelity mutual funds by providing buy and sell signals.

The large selection of strategies, daily updates and best-in-class pattern recognition technology makes FidelitySignal unique amongst online investment newsletters for Fidelity funds.

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Successful investors know how to avoid market declines, but they also invest early in bull markets. However, deciding what to buy and when to sell is not always easy. To help you make informed decisions when markets change direction, we offer model portfolios, which provide buy signals for specific mutual funds that you can purchase in your own investment account

Our best-performing model portfolio this year:

Seven Strategies to Avoid the Next Market Crash

The FidelitySignal model portfolios track the performance of seven growth and income strategies. In addition, our exclusive Profit GuardTM technology monitors market conditions daily and issues sell alerts for specific mutual funds when volatility and risk are on the rise. The alerts will warn you when it is time to sell investments and raise cash reserves to minimize potential losses in your portfolio.

Most recent buy and sell signals:

How does it Work?

Our investing technology utilizes technical indicators and algorithmic models to provide buy and sell signals. The signals alert to changes in long-term market trends and adjust the asset allocation mix for the portfolios. Model portfolios are updated daily after the market close.   

Following the buy and sell signals makes it easy to adjust your investment portfolio throughout the year, as market conditions change. In bull markets, you can take advantage of new opportunities to increase overall performance. When markets turn turbulent, our signals alert you to increased investment risk, allowing time to take defensive action.

FidelitySignal models use highly rated Fidelity mutual fund investments with solid long-term performance. Mutual funds are selected based on their strategic fit within the portfolios. Discerning screening and selection of high quality investments is yet another advantage our system provides to our subscribers


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Are you searching for a simple and effective way to manage your regular mutual fund account, or your 401(k), 403(b), Rollover IRA or Roth IRA retirement investments?

Welcome to FidelitySignal, an online service with leading-edge technology that is designed to help you reach your goals for income, stability and growth. Our subscribers include:

  • High net-worth investors interested in liquidity, higher yields, quality investments and diversification for safety
  • Retirees seeking a steady stream of income while protecting capital
  • Young professionals starting a nest egg, saving for college or growing their wealth
  • Investment advisers exploring alternative strategies on behalf of their clients

Enjoy the convenience, performance and simplicity of our model portfolios, whether you are new to investing, a seasoned investor or a financial professional.

Make Investing Easy

Many investors feel uncertain that their current investments will help them reach their financial goals. Make investing easier and more rewarding by using our model portfolios.

The FidelitySignal model portfolios provide exciting opportunities for both growth and income. Each model portfolio has a well-defined investment goal and strategy. Fidelity mutual funds that best match a given strategy are assigned to the corresponding portfolio.

The FidelitySignal investment model evaluates the market conditions daily and issues BUY, HOLD, SELL and CASH signals for all of the funds in all of the model portfolios. You can access signals at any time by logging into your account. If there is a change, you will also receive an E-mail alert. 

The result is an unbiased and simple tool that makes it easy for our subscribers to evaluate their own portfolio holdings and make investment decisions when market conditions change. 

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